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Dior sauvage
Our beard oil is inspired by the iconic Sauvage fragrance, and offers an enticing scent, as well as nourishing your facial hair. The aroma features top notes of bergamot and spicy pepper, which are softened by lavender and grassy vetiver. There are also some deep notes of cedar and labdanum, making this the ideal choice for those who love bold, masculine fragrances.

540 rouge
Baccarat Rouge 540 is one of the world’s most popular fragrances. Now, you can enjoy its exotic, enticing scent as part of your male grooming routine. Our beard oil uses ingredients that are similar to the iconic original perfume, providing aroma as well as nourishment for your facial hair. The dominant notes are jasmine and saffron, followed by amber wood and ambergris. This heady, exotic scent is ideal for wearing on an evening out.

Oud wood
Oud has been prized as an exclusive aroma for hundreds of years. Finally, the rest of the world are waking up to its heady, evocative scent, and as such, it’s now one of the most popular fragrance ingredients on the planet. Our beard oil not only enriches and protects your facial hair, but is also scented with ingredients that closely resemble Oud Wood, the much-loved eau de toilette. Oud is the star of the show, and is complemented by sandalwood, pepper and cardamom


Beard oil is an absolute must as part of the modern grooming routine. It conditions and softens the hairs, making them more pleasing to touch, and less abrasive too. This beard oil contains a wealth of ingredients designed to add luxuriance and texture, without causing any dryness or irritation to the skin beneath. Simply apply once or twice a day – it really is that easy.